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Mission Statement and Health and Safety Policy: South Africa is a Signatory to the Air Quality Act and a member of the United Nations for Sustainable Development, and is a country that has set its sights on a mission to improve the air and water quality of the country (and by so doing also the world), lowering the pollution levels and the carbon footprint in these two extremely important sectors of our environment, and rightly so. It is with this in mind that we at About Air Pollution aim to apply our considerable knowledge in all industries to the best of our ability, by reducing the amount of pollutants that are being pumped into our atmosphere on a daily basis by providing equipment capable of achieving these objectives. With over 50 years of collective experience, About Air Pollution is capable of delivering a much cleaner working environment for our clients and their employees, thereby improving their work environment and making it much safer and healthier for all concerned. With this in mind we turn our attention to the health and safety aspect required by legislation as well as the individual specific requirements of our clients in various industries. It is normal practice to have our staff attend safety courses, hence our reason for pursuing a safety standard of “Zero Tolerance” as we work to ensure that this is adhered to during manufacturing and installation. When working on site (project size dependant) we have a “Safety Rep” as part of our crew, with the intentions of implementing the necessary actions, thereby also eliminating needless pressure on our client’s safety officer/personnel. About Air Pollution do a HAZZARD study with each client prior to commencement of any onsite work, so as to satisfy all parties that the client’s needs are properly understood and that any misunderstandings and potentially overlooked dangers and issues are addressed. Strictly observed and adhered to practices include:Baghouse--extracting--from-a--covering-conveyor--and--re-depositing-the-collected-dust-back-onto-the-belt

  • To ensure compliance with the relevant safety, health, environmental and quality legislated and statutory requirements.
  • To implement and operate effective measures to control, remove and reduce safety, health, environmental and quality risks (SHEQ).
  • To do Daily Risk Assessments, insitu.
  • To promote efficient use of natural resources and materials if practical and where required.
  • To develop, improve and maintain a decent response time to emergency needs.
  • To do on site health and safety register and attendance sheets.
  • Pre start-up inspection of:
    • Tools – visual and physical daily inspection.
    • P.P.E – visual and physical daily inspection.
  • To keep on site daily attendance records, with incident reports.
  • Incident reports to be submitted to our Clients’ Safety and QA representative and take steps to prevent re-occurrence of potential incidents.
  • To do on site daily risk assessment:
  • Special care when working at heights.
  • Full harness to be worn above 2 meters.
  • Masks to be worn at all times if required while on site.
  • B2P2 filters on full face masks if required.
  • To identify, evaluate and prioritise Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality risks, and set objectives and targets to reduce such risks.
  • Introduce effective control measures to prevent injuries, occupational diseases and other forms of potential pollution.
  • Working at heights permits is part of our workers certification.
  • Securing of work permits for restricted areas (if applicable) will be undertaken, IE: Hot Work & Welding permits Etc.
  • To provide necessary resources including training as required and encourage awareness, participation and responsibility by employees.
  • To evaluate, review and where possible monitor management systems and achievement of targets and objectives through internal audit.
  • To reduce any pollutant emissions by applying our technology correctly and advising clients and suppliers alike about the efficient use of energy by using our technology.
  • To complete reports as needed and required by the Individual Client standards.
  • To liaise with employees, the regulatory authorities and interested and effected parties, in order to promote constructive interaction in matters of mutual concern.
  • To encourage associated companies, whether suppliers, contractors or customers to adopt proper safety, health and environmental practices.
  • Last but not least, continue to apply the principal of continued improvement by all in safety, health, environment and management performance.

All working staff members are required to attend our clients’ induction courses prior to commencement of work. A complete index with back-up documentation is part of our Health & Safety File, which we believe should cover any contingency. If required, we could include our standard In-house QA/QC file, which is part of our normal process for our Company Health & Safety, should you wish to peruse this and satisfy yourself that it meets your criteria. About Air Pollution will endeavour to pursue this policy to the best of our ability at all times, and promises to comply with these undertakings.

By order of the General Manager
Anton Wentzel
011 902 5967 or 082 376 8076

Centrifugal--fan-ready-to-be-installed--at-ZinchemMore about us: About Air Pollution has a fully equipped drawing office with state of the art drawing packages capable of reading most drawing types, and has a 2 terabyte system capable of handling very large drawings and programs: (Image – Please refer to www.aboutairpollution.co.za/aboutus.html) We are able to receive & read most drawing types, and are able to execute drawing work of almost any proportion. We also have the technology to integrate our “Plant & Equipment” to be shown/drawn as part of a client’s plant layout or G.A. allowing us to minimise risk and/or conflict with other equipment as far as dimensions and locations are concerned, particularly when undertaking a project that might have intricate and/or difficult plant arrangements. (Image – Please refer to www.aboutairpollution.co.za/aboutus.html)

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