About_Air_Pollution_p1The design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of Polluted Air and Dust Extraction Systems for general industry – ranging from the food industry to heavy Furnace Extraction, these are offered in both wet and dry solutions. About Air Pollution’s range of other services offered include: factory ventilation, spray booths and ventilation (automotive & industrial), shot blast booth’s and extraction, pneumatic conveying systems, vacuum systems, welding station extraction and supply of ducting and sheet metal components (including heavy steel manufacture). These are but some of the services we offer. We also supply filters, pumps and fans directly to industry. About Air Pollution also specialises in industrial noise control and abatement by means of attenuation or specially designed enclosures for every need, and will tailor-make systems to suit your production and workplace. We offer an in-house QC program which will ensure that all clients receive a high quality product during and after manufacture, and welcome you to inspect your product before dispatch. About Air Pollution also offers built drawings and pre-hazard studies as an in-house norm, and we furnish all clients with operations and maintenance manuals. We offer you a South African solution and our best intentions at all times. Contact us today for your requirements, no matter how big or small the job! About Air Pollution provides valuable air pollution control services throughout South Africa to industrial clients.

Our products and services are useful for a wide range of different industries such as pharmaceuticals, steel production and food manufacturing. We believe in taking active measures to preserve our environment. Our services help companies throughout South Africa to lessen the impact of their production processes on our natural environment and thus contribute to the improvement of air and water quality

Large-fan-with-200Kw_p001We provide the following services:

  • Extraction of fumes and dust with high performing dust extraction systems to help you comply with air pollution regulations and maintain a healthy working environment.
  • Installing everyday air pollution control systems, i.e. extraction and filtration devices to capture, separate and filter dust from manufacturing processes. Products include baghouse, cartridge, pocket and HEPA filters, factory ventilation units, vacuum systems, industrial fans, pumps and ducting.
  • Providing spray booths, shot blast booths and welding station fume extraction so you can carry out spray painting, shot blasting or welding cleanly in a dedicated space.
  • Assisting in handling of bulk materials through the design and implementation of pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Heavy steel manufacture and supply of sheet metal components for bespoke solutions to air pollution control.
  • Industrial noise control and abatement through attenuation, i.e. lessening the sound itself or by building specially designed enclosures to minimise the transmission of sound.
  • Wet and dry air scrubbers which are designed to remove particles, gases and chemicals from the air and from within industrial exhaust streams.

We perform a hazard study prior to beginning any work. This involves identifying any potential dangers and risks, along with their likelihood so that all possible outcomes are recognised before work begins.

About Air Pollution offers the following services 

  • Assessment – We have a dedicated sales team, able to asses and advise cost effective custom solutions to your needs. 
  • Design – We have accumulated vast experience in designing custom plants to suit our clients needs, for general industry  – Ranging from the food industry to  heavy  Furnace Extraction ,  these are offered in both wet  and dry solutions . 
  • Fabrication – We have an array of qualified and experience fabricators who fabricate to our strict  standards. We also have experienced staff assuring all QAA procedures and standards are adhered to. 
  • Installation – We have a well established in-house as well as an array of proven Installers with whom we have build long lasting relationships. These installer are not only qualified and dedicated, but also willing to go beyond the norm to offer superior workmanship. 
  • Commissioning – Our Project Managers, assure that all our jobs are not only completed within the required time frame but also ensures that there are constant communication between all relevant parties during all our projects. 
  • After Sales Service – We as a company believes and thrives in after sales service to our clients, thus we keep long term records of all our projects and based on predictive maintenance, are able to offer our clients  exemplary after sales services. 
  • Equipment maintenance and upkeep – As mentioned, we offer an exemplary aftersales service, and if required we can combine this with a well priced and timed maintenance and plant upkeep service if required. 
  • Ancillary equipment supply – In addition to custom designed extraction and pollution control systems, we also offer ancillary equipment, as a direct supply to our customers, i.e. Filters (Pleated, Tubular, Envelope etc.), Fans (Axial, Centrifugal, Blowers, etc.)  
  • Other services –  Factory Ventilation  –   Spray Booths  and Ventilation ( Automotive  & Industrial ) –  Shot Blast  Booth’s  and  Extraction  –  Pneumatic Conveying  Systems  –  Vacuum Systems  –  Welding  Station  Extraction  – Supply of  Ducting  and  Sheet Metal Components  including  Heavy  Steel  Manufacture. 

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